Top Favourite Products from L.A Girl


Not many people know of the brand L.A Girl, especially here in New Zealand. I wanted to share a few of my favourites because they have so many amazing products. You will find L.A Girl to be a super affordable brand, prices ranging from $2-$15 depending on what country you live in. I've written a small paragraph about each product and why I love it.

Pro HD Concealer

Is a very close dupe to the MAC Pro long-wear concealer.  I fell in love with this concealer because of the coverage that it gave. It has a slightly thicker consistency to the MAC pro long-wear concealer but still blends just as well. They have around 21 shades to choose from, they literally cater to every skin tone. It comes in a handy plastic tube which you squeeze the product out and it just has a screw on and off lid. Also I just wanted to mention the longevity of this concealer is amazing, another reason why I love it. Its a must have!

Matte, Flat Pigment Gloss

In other words, its a lipstick that comes in a liquid formula and once applied, it dries matte.
I'm a sucker for these types of lipsticks and I own so many from various brands. I do prefer these over the others that I own, simply because there not as drying. Lets be realistic, Matte is a dry finish "but" your lips shouldn't feel like all life has been sucked out. (nice description ha!) Non drying and super long wearing, these baby's won't budge the entire day! You also have 16 shades to choose from, no doubt you'll see a colour you love.

Pro HD Primer

This is a recent purchase of mine which I've been trialing out for the past 2-3 weeks. I've worn it every day so I could get a good opinion on it. The primer itself is clear which is great! it would blend into any skin tone. It contains silica which can be found in most face primers, it feels so light weight and airy.  The primer does a great job at smoothing out the texture on my skin which leaves it feeling soft and velvety. You will notice your foundation go on much smoother and it'll blend like a dream. Silica based face primers are particular good for those with a oily skin type as it absorbs the oil like a sponge. It does a great job at blurring out my pores but I wouldn't say it fills them in completely. The L.A Girl primer was made to fit all skin types, which I can agree on. Even with its 
oil controlling properties it doesn't make my skin feel dry or enhance the drier areas. (I have dry/dehydrated skin with a slightly oily t-zone.)

Glide on Gel Eyeliner Pencil

My last favourite product from L.A girl and that is the glide on gel liners. Think of it as a gel eye liner (like inside the pot) except in a pencil form. You could probably already imagine how soft and creamy it is to apply. They are amazingly pigmented with so many amazing shades to choose from. You have your every day colours (black, brown, charcoal etc) and then you have a few other colours to play around with (purple, blue, green, gold etc.) The highlight of this product has to be the longevity of them. They don't budge or smudge, its amazing - when I work behind a counter  I definitely don't want to have panda eyes whilst serving customers! If you wear eyeliner on a regularly basis, you have to give these a try! you can thank me later ;)

If you see L.A girl, you have to try these products out x

PS - we have plenty at work so I know where to get my hands on a great supply!

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  1. Keri-Leigh Dunn16 June 2015 at 22:24

    Thank you. Besides the matte glosses I've seen so many rave about I often wondered what their other products were like. It's nice to know that regardless of the price that they are great products to try out

  2. Thanks for this review, I really wanted to know if this was great for dry skin with slightly oily t zone, seeing that you recommend it, I'd definitely give it a try.