Waterproof Mascara VS Non Waterproof Mascara

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Waterproof Mascara VS Regular Mascara, What are the differences and which is better? 

I'm going to list the pros and cons of each mascara, this is going to make it a lot easier for you to decide which mascara to choose.

Waterproof Mascara (Pros)

There are many downfalls to using a waterproof mascara but let me tell you the pro's first. Waterproof mascaras are a great option for those who naturally get watery eyes, they're less likely to run compared to your regular mascara. For you ladies who have straight eyelashes and are having to curl them on a every day basis, you'll find most mascaras make your eyelashes go back to being straight (right after you just curled them) am I right? 

Waterproof mascaras have a strong holding formula which will help keep their curl and prevent them from pointing downwards or going straight.

Waterproof Mascara (Cons)

Although the benefits above sounds amazing, there are also a few downfalls to using a waterproof mascara. Firstly its not recommended to use on a every basic because of its thick, strong holding formula. It prevents moisture getting to your lashes so long term your eyelashes will become more dry and brittle. If you're a big lover for waterproof mascara and can't justify "not" using it every day then you want to invest in a eyelash conditioner at least. I'd recommend the Shiseido Full lash serum or you might want to try a more affordable option, Vaseline. These products will keep your eyelashes conditioned and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle

You will be amazed of how much mascara is still left on your eyelashes after washing your makeup off. Waterproof mascaras are the worst to remove and can cause a build up of bacteria if not removed properly (every day). Because of the dry, strong holding formula it makes it even harder to remove and you may lose a few lashes in the process of scrubbing. The best way to remove your waterproof mascara is to use an oil-based makeup remover. You can even use olive oil or coconut oil, both work amazing!

Lastly, the formula of a waterproof mascara tends to dry out quicker than your ordinary mascara so remember to put the lid back on tightly. 

Non Waterproof Mascara (Pros)

It's perfect to use on a every day basis, its lighter and softer on your eyelashes. Most non water proof mascaras are easily removed with just warm water, although I still recommend using oil as well. Sadly a non waterproof mascara "won't" hold the curl in your eyelashes as well as a waterproof mascara BUT you will find the formula (from the regular mascara) more comforting and less drying on your eyelashes.

Non Waterproof Mascara (Cons)

If you were to walk in the pouring rain, cry or go swimming it would most likely run down your cheeks. Worst case scenario is that it may seep in to your eyes and cause you to rub your eyes. You can imagine what mess that would create (tragic black eye). If you don't want to use a waterproof mascara, you can find a mascara that is at least smudge proof. 

Both mascaras have there share of pros and cons. Figure out what is more important to you and I'm sure you will have no problem deciding.  Thanks for reading xx

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