Nicole by OPI.... Who is Nicole?

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Nicole by OPI

Who is Nicole?  Obviously someone so famous that she has a OPI range named after her....

Nicole is actually the daughter of George Schaeffer,the founding father of OPI nail lacquer!

Her dad along with several other people developed some special nail products and started manufacturing them. Originally OPI was only sold directly to nail salons and hence it's reputation of being a salon professional brand. OPI products were not available in retail stores and if you wanted to buy one of their products you needed to buy it from the nail bar. Of course you can now buy OPI in lots of different places.

The 'Nicole by OPI' brand was launched by OPI as their retail brand and was sold via retail stores across America (and now the world!). The range was named after George's daughter, Nicole. It is priced slightly lower than regular OPI polish and is more of a 'drug store' product rather than being designed for professional nail artists. However the quality is still great and there is a HUGE range of colour and textures.

Nicole is evidently planning on joining her dad in the business one day.  

Imagine your dad being Mr. OPI - how many nail polishes would you own??

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