Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

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What eye shadow's suit me? is one of the most asked questions when you're a Makeup artist or working on a Beauty counter. Today I'll be sharing with you shades that compliment Hazel eyes.  I've also done a post already for blue eyes and green eyes (Links below).

Olive Green/Earthy Greens:
This is a absolute must have shade for Hazel eyes. It compliments your eyes so well and really makes them pop! My favourite is using a olive green that has gold flecks through it, this really brings out the different tones in your eyes (often makes them look more green). How ever when I suggest olive green, people imagine the brightest green and you can tell they're not convinced. I always explain that you want to go for "earth tones" so they are definitely much more wearable. This Revlon palette (picture below) has the perfect shades for hazel eyes.

Rich browns, deep bronze and golds are also shades that compliment hazel eyes. Play around with different
textures and try shades that have a little shimmer to them. To spice it up, why not combine a few colours together? Gold, Brown and a bit of olive green. As I mentioned above this Revlon palette is perfect! If your not confident with eye makeup, there is a diagram at the back of the palette that shows you where to place the colours. You can also search on google "how to apply eyeshadow". (Kylie Jenner pictured below wears a metallic gold over the eyelid, it looks so beautiful with her eyes.)

Want to try something a little more bold? Create a soft/or dramatic smokey eye using a deep plum or eggplant eyeshadow. This shade would bring out the green hues in your eyes.

Be adventurous when buying eye shadows. Browns and neutrals are always the safest option, but just remember their are so many other shades that will make your eye colour pop! 

Next in line is Brown Eyes!  Check out my blog post on Green and Blue eyes (links below)

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