Makeup Revolution - Mini UK Haul

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When ever friends or family head back to NZ and ask me is there anything I can bring you, my mind automatically goes to makeup. So when my sister in law came home from the UK for a wedding recently I knew there were a few things I just had to get.

Makeup Revolution is a UK "drugstore" brand that has only been in the market a little over a year and offer great products at an even better price. I have just heard they are now available in Ulta in the States. I discovered this brand through youtube so I really wanted to try their products!

Brow Kit
Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit
I will be honest and ive only used this once as I wasnt impressed. I will be giving it a proper go soon. I do think its a nice set and it has good colours but I feel the finish is not what is the best for brows. It will however be a great neutral eye palette as the consistency if these are smooth and creamy. 


The Matte Effect Cover & Conceal
This comes as a twist up similar to how a lipstick comes. I haven't tried this way of concealer in a very long time and yes this product does cover well but I really don't like the stick. I probably wont use it as a concealer but I will use it as an eye shadow base.


The Matte Effect Foundation 
This product claims to last up to 16 hours. I have not tested that theory but it does stay on the skin nicely. Its more of a light to medium foundation that does stay matte. I will be using this product on "no makeup" makeup days. But I dont think I would rush out and buy it again.

Eye Shadow 
32 Shade Ultra Professional - Flawless 
I LOVE this palette. There are soooo many different colours to choose from. The palette is mostly shimmery shadows but there are some matte ones in there perfect to use as transition shades. The pigment is great and they do stay on the eye well. Highly  Recommended. You can probably tell which ones I use the most :-P

Five Baked Eye Shadows - Bang Bang
I didn't actually order these eyeshadows as my Sister in law confused them with something else (shes not a makeup sort of a girl) But none the less i am impressed with these. They are really pigmented and have great shine to them. The eye shadows are baked which means you can intensify them by wetting your brush a little with water. This makes them more metallic and shiny, it looks amazing!

Vivid Baked Highlighter

I just couldn't decide between a few of them so in the end two came my way.
My FAVOURITE is Golden Lights. Its just the beautiful white/champagne highlight. If you love to glow then this is the one for you as it it super pigmented. A little goes a long way.

The second one is more of a pinky/ pearl colour with a blueish undertone called Peach Lights This colour doesn't pack as much punch as Golden Lights so if your just after a subtle glow then this is the one you are after.


By now you will know I have a weakness for lipstick so i was quite impressed that I only got two. Beloved is a matte hot pink shade. I love the colour but formula is so dry that i just cant wear it. Definitely a disappointment but for around NZD$2.00 you just have to give it a go.
Chic is from their frosted range is a pinky/coral shade that is really creamy but it is so sparkly that I personally don't like the finish.

Over all I like the brand and I do want to try more of their range and as its so cost effective so why not. Check out their website and see for yourself.

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