L.A Girl Auto Endless Lip Liner Swatches

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Berries, Wine, True Red, Nectar, Pink Parfait, Dark Plum, Mauvelous, Cocoa, True Brown

I wish I had a lip liner for every lipstick I have. I've just got my hands on the L.A Girl Endless Auto Lip Liners. They have such a good colour selection, i managed to get all shades.  I always outline my lips first to create definition, then I colour my entire lip in with the lip liner. This acts as a base for my lipstick so it extends the wear time. I found the LA Girl lip liners to be rich in colour and easy to apply. They all have a matte finish except one (Mauvelous) Mauvelous has a slight pearl finish to it, you can't really see it once you apply it though. I can't justify spending $30-$40 on a lip liner, so the LA Girl Auto Lip liners are a score! I got mine from "LoveMy Makeup" store for $8! 

The Benefits of using a lip liner, is to create definition by outlining the lips. Your lipstick looks much more defined and clean. Its also creates a bold line and I recommend using LA Girl Lip Liner in order to stop lipstick from bleeding. I often get asked why I colour my entire lip in with the lip liner. As I mentioned earlier, it acts as a base for my lipstick. This helps to increase the wear time of my lipstick, so I don't have to re apply as much during the day and/or night. I sometimes wear lip liner alone as a lipstick. 

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