Real Life Confessions of a Makeup Artist Part 1

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When you work in a makeup shop it always feels like the pressure is on to look amazing even when you aren't at work. But honesty alert I don't wake up gorgeous...

Sometimes looking 'gorgeous' takes a whole lot of effort and sometimes I can pull it together a bit quicker. But chances are when you see me or most other staff working the makeup counters a whole lot of effort went into creating the masterpiece we are sporting. 

Please don't be intimidated by all the professionally applied makeup we are wearing. It is an expectation that we have full faces of makeup at work but we can also help you create a natural, everyday look. We have been to makeup artisty courses and spent many hours practising our techniques and we want to share our knowledge!  

Most of us are really approachable and keen to share our tips and techniques with you. Don't worry if you are just starting out using makeup and not quite sure where to start just ask. Don't worry if you have a really tight budget there are plenty of ways to make your makeup dollar go further and chances are most makeup artists know the tricks. 

If for any reason the person trying to sell you makeup intimidates you with their knowledge or tries to 'bully' you into buying a product you don't really like or is pressuring you to spend more money than you feel comfortable with then head for the door. 

Makeup buying should be a fun experience not a stressful one. You should leave the shop excited about your purchases and looking forward to using them. If this is not the case buy your makeup somewhere else - there are lots of choices in the marketplace so take your money elsewhere! Find a store where the person helping you understands what you want and wants to help. Then you will discover just how much fun makeup shopping can be and build on your makeup application skills.

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