Top 5 Favourite Red Lipsticks

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Everyone needs a Red lipstick in their life. Many love it, while some are terrified of it. The thing is that anyone can wear red and it suits absolutely any skin tone and age. You just need to find the right undertone, such as a blue based red or a orange based red etc. You have many different textures (matte, glossy, satin, shine, and so on) You don't have to choose a bold red, you can simply go for a red that is sheer/slightly tinted. It's time to hunt for your perfect red, these are a few of my personal favourites.

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Matte) 006 Really Red

The Revlon lipstick comes in a Matte finish, meaning it has no shine to it. However, it doesn't have that dry feeling like a liquid to matte lipstick does. The formula still feels creamy and smooth on the lips. This is the most deepest shade of red out of the 5, I absolutely love it. It doesn't have a noticeably orange or blue undertone, so I think anyone could wear this shade.

2. Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick (Matte) 111 Kiss of Life

Also very similar to the Revlon Matte Lipstick, smooth, creamy and non drying. This one also has a matte finish, I really can't help myself. This is a beautiful scarlet red, with more obvious blue undertones. 

3. Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick (Shine) 05 Silent Movie

Now this lipstick definitely has a more moisturizing, creamy formula. It does apply very smoothly and has that diamond shine finish. I do find this formula bleeds a little, so I would highly recommend using a lip liner with it. This also has a blue undertone. A great tip for this lipstick is to blot it with a tissue after application, it gives you that beautiful stained lip. It looks so subtle and natural.

4. Max Factor Lipfinity - 125 So Glamorous

This is the most long-wearing out of the 5. It's a liquid formula that dries to a matte finish. I find this one applies more sheerer than you think it would. I always tend to fill in my lips with a lip liner, which acts as a base "then" I apply the lipstick over it. However, If you want a more natural red lip then this would be perfect on its on. It also comes with a lip balm to keep your lips plump and hydrated. It doesn't have a obvious blue or orange undertone.

5. LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint - Pin Up

The Glazed Lip Paint is a combination of a Lipstick and Lip Gloss. It's "super" pigmented like a lipstick, but with a gloss like formula.  Its best applied with a Lip brush and I often wear it over a lip liner, so it lasts longer. Its such a beautiful cherry red

Whats your favourite RED Lipstick? 

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1 comment

  1. those are some fab reds! my favourites are ruby woo, exhibitionist by chichi, loreal la laqeur red 402 ( i think)