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(L-R daring, seduce, coy, tempting)

I'm not a big fan of lip gloss but oh my these are something more magical. LA Girl Glazed lip paints also known as drugstore dupes for the (more pricey) Too faced Melted Lipsticks. They are super opaque and pigmented like a lipstick but ultra glossy like a lip gloss. I was so amazed at how pigmented they looked so of course I had to try them out for myself.

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Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE! Now I can add to my collection yay!

I love the fun packaging. Its something that definitely caught my eye. I also liked that it came in a squeeze tube. Its much easier to squeeze the product out and you could also mix colors together. However it can get quite messy if you squeeze to much product out at once. The only con I have about the packaging is the applicator. Its such a awkward applicator which makes it hard to get an even application. I find it looks patchy. The best way to apply this is with a small synthetic lip brush. Depending on how big your lips are sometimes I use a small concealer brush. Its a little more bigger and applies the product much faster. I'm so impatient

The consistency is perfect in my opinion. Not too thin and not too thick. It feels super buttery and creamy on the lips. I personally don't enjoy the feeling of overly creamy products on my lips (being a matte lipstick fan) so I apply a thin layer and blot it with tissue.  One thing that can make or break a product is the fragrance/scent. Some lip glosses can smell really off and "cheap". These LA lip paints literally smell like pepper mint. Is this eatable? I love it!

(L-R tempting, daring, seduce, coy)

I know a lot of you are probably wondering, how long do these last? They don't last very long which was no surprise to me because they are a lip gloss. Its only when I eat that they come off completely. If I drink or kiss my bf (oo la la) they do indeed transfer.  Also I found certain colors left a subtle stain on my lips which I didn't mind at all. Those shades were tempting and seduce. 

These are what all four shades look like on my lips. I'm in love with all of them. Purples really compliment my green eyes. The full collection has a variety of 18 shades. I will have a new post up shortly showing you swatches of all the shades in natural daylight.

I hope you found this review helpful. You have to give them a try!

Product:  8/10
Pigmentation:  10/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity:  5/10
Application:  8/10

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