L.A Girl PRO Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer Review

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L.A Girl released a new face primer at the same time they released the new Pro HD Concealers and Correctors. The primer was so inexpensive I wanted to trial it, as I'm yet to find a primer I love.

The main benefits of using a face primer is to:

- prolong your makeup so your foundation stays put for longer
- smooth the surface of your skin so foundation blends easier and looks smoother
- fill in pores which will help prevent your foundation from separating
- fill in lines so your foundation doesn't seep into them (or crease)

You'll find now that there are so many face primers on the market and many have variety of additional benefits.

You can now find primers that are mattifying and help control shine (great for oily skin) You can find primers that keep your skin hydrated and give a dewy finish (perfect for dry skin) etc

Going back to the L.A Girl Pro HD Primer, these were my thoughts after trialing:

Texture: It feels like a thick gel formula and when you blend it out, it feels ultra smoothing.
The formula is clear so it can be worn by any skin tone. 

How to apply: You only need a pea size amount. Use your fingers to spread it across the entire face. If you have pores that you would like to fill in, you want to press and dab the primer into the pores. 

Finish: Super silky and smooth. It has a velvet finish which helps to diffuse shine but it doesn't leave the face entirely matte.

Pros: Made my skin look smoother and helped my foundation blend easier

Cons: It didn't fill in my pores that well nor did it make my foundation last any longer. 

I would recommend this face primer to those with normal skin or mature skin. Its a fuss-free primer that will make your foundation look smoother. 

NZ RRP: $12 at LoveMy Makeup and Makeup Clearance Stores
0.50 Fl. Oz (15 ml)

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1 comment

  1. As a black person, with oily skin I ABSOLUTELY love this primer. This is the best. No more MAC primer for me.