How to Apply Cream Blush/Rouge

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Back in the days, cream blusher (rouge) was so popular. Well it wasn't actually cream, they used lipstick as their cream blushers. Multi use product, I love it!

Continue reading to learn how to apply cream blusher and who should wear it.

Cream blushers creates a dewy, radiant finish. Perfect for those with dry skin, ageing skin or those who want to achieve a youthful, radiant look. Cream blushers add a flush of colour and really gives that glowing finish. You will find a cream blush to be more moisturizing and sits beautifully on the skin.

Con: cream blushers don't work too well in humid/hot climates. It will become oily and slide right off your face.

How to apply: 

Fingers are the best way to apply cream blushers. Use your clean two middle fingers and softly dab into the product. I find it helps smiling so you can see the apples of your cheeks, this is where you want to apply it. Blend it in with your fingers, going up in backward motions.

You can also use a beauty blending sponge which you can dab across the cheeks, or a stippling brush. A stippling brush is amazing to use for cream blushers, I personally love it. My cream blusher looks soft and airbrushed.

If you apply too much colour, don't panic! use a sponge to dab away a bit of the product "or" you can blend a very little amount of liquid foundation over the top.

You will find my favourite cream blushers from these brands:

- MAC Cosmetics
- Maybelline
- Art Deco
- Australis

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