Guest Post by a non-makeup wearer!

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Hi everyone,

I'm Emma and Lucy has asked me to write a guest post. Lucy and I have been BFFs since we were little kids and I knew her before she became a total glamour puss!

As for me I'm astounded to be contributing to a makeup blog - I'm not nearly as glam as Lucy. However Lucy has steered me right on the makeup front...

After backpacking my way through Asia I now doing my OE in London. Lucy just about died when she realised I intended on taking NO makeup with me on my travels... seriously I was backpacking and makeup wasn't a high priority!

Anyway Lucy ended up convincing me I needed 'the basics' and we narrowed it down to essential 5 items!
  1. BB Cream
  2. Neutral eyeshadow
  3. Brown eyeliner
  4. Mascara
  5. Matt Nude Lipstick
I'm really pleased Lucy made me pack some makeup! Even though it was a pretty minimal selection it was just enough to make me look a better 'natural version' of myself. The BB cream evened out my skin tone and with a smear of eyeshadow and a smudge of eyeliner my eyes popped. A bit of lippy and I was ready to face another day backpacking.  Plus I look better in my photos :)

So thanks Lucy for helping out your non-makeup wearing friend. Your suggestions were great & who knows this could be the beginning of my makeup obsession... 

Remember if you are a glamour puss be kind to your non-makeup wearing friends they might just need a few easy makeup tips - the world of makeup can be pretty intimidating to the non-makeup wearer!

Lots of love Emma xxx

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