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I know most school's have restrictions about wearing makeup to school, often they want you to wear no makeup.

However if you can make it look natural then chances are no one will even notice . I'm going to tell you what makeup products you need to achieve a school "appropriate" look. Another way to describe this look is the "no makeup" makeup look, which you've probably come across on YouTube.

You'll need:

1. BB cream
2. Concealer
3. Powder
4. Brown Mascara
5. Lip balm, gloss or lip stain/tint

BB Cream
This provides light coverage with a natural flawless finish. It corrects uneven skin-tone making your skin look smooth and fresh. It feels so light on the skin, its amazing! You will find (most) BB creams have a lot more benefits than your average foundation. It has added skincare benefits that will moisturize your skin and keep your skin in better condition. Its more gentle on your skin and is unlikely to make you break out with acne. It also contains SPF which is so important, especially at this time in life with the economy. You will thank SPF in the future when you grow older and have NO sun spots :P

Recommends: L.A Girl BB Cream and Maybelline Dream BB Cream

If you have dark/dull under eyes or have acne, concealer will be your best friend. You can skip this step if you don't have either or. Apply your BB cream first, then dab a little amount of concealer on anything you want covered. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone, this will look natural and not obvious. I know a lot of teens feel insecure about their acne, so its amazing how confident you become with a bit of concealer.

Recommends: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer

You can use powder to lightly blot away shine and oil, it also sets your bb cream so it lasts longer. I would recommend using a translucent powder, it looks much lighter on the skin and it blends with any skin tone.

Recommends: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Translucent

Opt for a brown or dark brown mascara, instead of black. Black mascara is more noticeable and bold, which isn't a bad thing. However for school, brown looks much softer and would be more appropriate. Mascara enhances your eyelashes and really opens up the eyes, I love mascara!

Recommends: Revlon Lash Potion Mascara - Brown

Lip Options
Leave all your bold, fun colours at home. Instead wear a lip balm, gloss or a lip stain. Choose a colour that is similar to your own natural lip colour so it looks more natural. My favourite product to recommend is Maybelline's baby lips, lip balm. It feels so nice on the lips and makes them feel moisturized, great if you naturally have dry lips too. It gives you the lightest tint of colour making your lips look lush.

Recommends: Maybelline Baby Lips and Benefit Benetint

So that is how you achieve the no makeup "makeup look" for school. Its simple, easy and super affordable. All these products work so well together and do an amazing job enhancing your natural features. So now when a teacher looks at you, say I woke up like this ♫♪ FLAWLESS haha.

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