What Blush Suits My Skin Tone?

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Choosing a blush colour can be really hard for some so I'm going share with you my tips on how to pick the right blush for your skin tone.

Fair Skin

Soft and light is the way to go. Opt for a soft baby pink as this shade compliments your skin tone the most. You can also use a slightly brighter pink, just be super careful not to apply too much Peach shades also look beautiful especially if your complexion has a yellow undertone.

Drugstore picks: Milani Baked Blush Luminoso, NYX Flamingo, L.A Girl Beauty Brick Pinky.
High end picks: Mac Well Dressed, Mac Dainty, Nars Gilda and Nars orgasm

Medium Skin

Medium pinks are more flattering on a medium skin tone. When choosing a pink opt for a dusky rose/mauve blush as they have more depth. Avoid shades that are too light as they clash with your skin tone and can look ashy, especially pinks that have too much white in it.
When it comes to using blush on a medium skin tone my absolute favourite to recommend is apricot/peach shades. 

Drugstore picks: NYX Dusty Rose, L.A Girl Nectar, Australis Sand Dune.
High end picks: Mac Melba, Peaches and Warm Soul. Nars Orgasm

Olive Skin
the main difference between olive and medium skin tone is that an olive skin tone has a green undertone. Choose warm shades and avoid cool tone shades. A warm peach will compliment your skin the most. Rose blushers also look beautiful and will brighten up your complexion. For a natural, glowing appearance using bronzer or bronze-like blushes will look stunning!

Drugstore picks: NYX Bright lights, Sleek Blush by 3 - Lace
High end picks: Nars orgasm, Geurlain Duo 01 Peach Boy, Mac Sunbasque

Dark Skin
Bold and highly pigmented shades is the best option for a dark complexion. Too light and too soft can look really muddy on a darker complexion. Most of the time they don't show up on the skin anyways. So you want to opt for shades like deep red/terracotta, bright orange/red, bright rose and fuschia and plums.

Drugstore picks: Sleek-Pink Spirit, Makeup geek love affair, Maybelline Coral burst
High end picks: Mac Raizin and Desert rose, Nars Taos, Inglot 63, 70 and 30.

Now that you know what colours suit your skin tone, your going to have a much easier time shopping for blush xxx

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