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FREE gift with purchase on now!

Who doesn't love a FREE gift with purchase promotion???

Currently all LoveMy Makeup stores are running a ZA Cosmetics promo....

Just buy any 2 ZA products & receive a FREE gift worth up to $23.00 <3

I've always liked the ZA range although it can be a little tricky to find it in stores. I'm not quite sure why more shops don't stock their products as they are generally great quality and good value for money.

 Usually LoveMy Makeup has a good selection of the product range although when you find a favourite item it is worth buying a couple just in case they don't have it next time you want it.  So since there is a promo running I suggest you buy anything you need so you get your FREE gift :)

I'll post a review & swatches of a few of my recent purchases over the next day or two but I did buy a few bits to take advance of the promotion

There were 3 free gifts to chose from and I went for the mascara.... I've 'stolen' a  graphic off their website to show the options available :)

Happy shopping...


PRODUCT REVIEW : LA Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick

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LA Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick

18 stunning shades
Only $11.19 each
Available now from LoveMy Makeup stores

 It is always exciting when LA Girl releases a new product so I was thrilled to get my hands on some of their new Metal Liquid Lipsticks.

Now LA Girl is one of my favourite brands as they offer on trend products at an affordable price point.

I wasn't too sure what to expect when I saw they had released this line. Maybe I was worried they were going to be that heavy metallic look that I think is horrible! However I'm pleased to advise they although they do give your lips a metallic look but not too heavy & they look really pretty on (swatches below)

They are a long lasting lip product and I really like they way last even through eating and drinking, so you aren't always needing to reapply. I felt the texture was a bit like a whipped mousse to apply,  wasn't drying on my lips and didn't feel sticky after application.

There are 18 shades available ranging from a good selection of nudes through to more funky shades like deep purple, bold orange & blue.  

Definitely a must buy product in my opinion...
My favourite shades are Smoulder & Lustrous.  

Let me know you have tried them yet & what you think - I'll keen to know!


PRODUCT REVIEW - Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan

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REVIEW - Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan

"Super Tan is designed for anyone looking to get a deep, dark, more intense tan that is streak-free, quick drying and fast developing "

I tried this product yesterday and agree with their sales pitch above... 

You just need to shake the liquid in the can and pump the applicator foamy product into your hand. The mousse was really light and applied easily on my legs, the product had a nice 'tropical' scent & unlike some other fake tanners it wasn't too stinky!

However unfortunately I didn't really like the tan result - the colour was too dark for me and when the colour developed it did have a hint of orange which didn't look natural on my skin tone ....

Now I am pretty fair and the packaging says deep, dark, more intense tan which it certainly gave me. So I'm sure this product will be a good choice for someone who isn't quite as white as me. This product just gave me a deep, dark & more intense tan I needed. 

Recommendation : suitable for people with a more olive skin tone that are looking for a deep summer tan instantly

Has anyone else tried the Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan ? Does anyone else want to try this product as they can have the rest of my bottle :) Just let me know...

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