L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Swatches | Full Collection


These are my favorite drugstore eye liners by far! Why? Lets start by saying these are SO long wearing and the pigmentation is 10/10. They're smudge proof and waterproof. Which is most important to me. The last thing we want is eye liner smudging under our eyes or transferring on our lids. Because they're a "Gel" eye liner the pencil is soft and creamy. This makes it much easier to glide across the eye lid or inside the waterline. The best way to remove these eye liners is to use a makeup remover that is oil based. At home I use extra virgin (light) olive oil and a hot flannel. Comes off perfectly without the harsh scrubbing.

(L-R very black, brown, deep bronze, dark brown)

Very Black - Is the blackest matte black eye liner I own!
Brown - Is a warm matte brown. Not to light, not too dark. Great for a softer look
Deep Bronze - Is a warm brown with gold reflects. Its so beautiful, definitely a must have!
Dark Brown - Is a very dark matte brown. Great if you want a dark eye liner but not black.

(L-R  paradise purple, black amethyst, royal blue, gypsy teal, mermaid blue, aquatic, limelight, goldmine, metallic copper, roasted taupe, champagne, whiten, silver streak, smoky charcoal and black magic)

Paradise Purple - Is a purple with a pearl finish. It has a really pretty blue sheen to it.
Black Amethyst - Has a pearl finish. Amethyst describes this shade perfectly
Royal Blue - Has a pearl finish. Like the name its a royal blue shade (not navy)
Gypsy Teal - Has a pearl finish. Its a gorgeous teal shade that reminds me of mermaids
Mermaid Blue - Is a aqua/baby blue shade with a pearl finish
Aquatic - Is a aqua blue with a Matte finish. This looks amazing in the water line!
Lime light- Has a pearl finish. I would describe this shade as fresh grass :P
Goldmine - Is such a beautiful olive gold shade in a ultra metallic finish
Metallic Copper - Copper in a metallic finish
Roasted Taupe - A soft taupe shade in a pearl finish. I love using taupe as a eye shadow
Champagne - Is champagne with a pearl finish. 
Whiten - A pure matte white. Mainly used in the water line
Silver streak - A ultra metallic silver
Smoky Charcoal - Charcoal with a pearl finish
Black Magic - Black with silver glitter reflects

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  1. My fave is the dark brown - more flattening with my skin tone than black but still makes a statement!

    I use ZA Cleansing Oil and that works great. However I am going to try your technique out.

  2. i love these pencils, it is so hard to find an eye pencil that lasts the day without having to touch up but this is my go to everyday liner that I can completely rely on.

  3. I LOVE the Champagne colour, so pretty in my bottom water line and also spread across my lid as a primer for my eyeshadow

  4. I have the champagne one n i love!! Love using it on my bottom line...
    Im gonna get Black (cos noone can have too many black liner right?), Brown/Dark Brown and definitely roasted taupe!! It looks amazing on the swatch!!
    thanks girl

  5. I think I love all of these! How much are they usually, do you know?

  6. Hi there,
    These LA Girl Gel Eyeliners are available at LoveMy Makeup or Makeup Clearance Company for $9.97 each - great buying in my opinion!
    Lucy x

  7. Such a wonderfully complied swatch list! Hard to narrow down which ones I SHOULDN'T buy..
    If you had to pick a top 3 or top 5, what would it be?

    1. So hard to pick my top choices....
      Love the dark brown - so flattering
      Love black magic - has the slightest sparkle to it
      Got to have a fun coloured eyeliner too... maybe royal blue or paradise purple?

      Seriously I can't really narrow down my top 3 or 5 - all the colours are great and it comes down to personal preferences :)


  8. Thanks for sharing as it is an excellent post would love to read your future post.

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  9. My LA Girl Gel Liner does not sharpen with a sharpener!! Why not??

    1. Hi there, They should sharpen with a sharpener... What exactly is happening? My tip is pop eyeliner in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening - since they are quite soft normally I find they sharpener easier if they are slightly cold :)