Save or Splurge : Nail Polish?

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Sometimes it is tricky to decide whether to save or splurge on a particular beauty product....

So when it comes to nail polish do you save or splurge???

My answer for Nail Polish: save! 

Just think when was the last time that you used an entire bottle of nail polish?

When you spend the extra for Chanel or YSL nail polish what you are getting is the brand name. Big brand name nail polish doesn't always mean prettier nails! 

So choose to save...  You can always find a very similar colour in a cheaper brand and I recommend you spend the money you save on a good quality glossy topcoat instead. 
A great top coat will help keep your manicure looking great and will help pull your nail look together. 

Most of us have a collection of our nail polish we no longer wear - chances are we have found something prettier, sparklier or the trend has changed so make sure your nail polish habit doesn't break the bank.



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Oh I do wish summer would hurry up and arrive...

One of the things I love most about the change of season is changing my makeup - I realise this sounds a little shallow but it is lovely to wear some different lipstick shades :)

As the seasons change so does your skin tone so it's a great time to revisit your daily makeup routine and adjust some of your colours accordingly.

My favourite matte berry lipstick that I wear on dreary winter days doesn't look quite so flattering with my fresh-off-the-beach complexion. In summer I like to put an extra punch of colour on my lips - I've been busy swatching colours in anticipation of the long, hot, sunny days that are hopefully going to arrive soon.

For summer lips I am drawn to purple lilacy shades, raspberry reds, sheer corals, soft petal pinks and of course it goes without saying a good vampy red.

What are your favourite summer shades?


NEW SHADES : LA Girl HD Pro Conceal High Definition Concealers

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LA Girl HD Pro Conceal High Definition Concealers

As you know I’ve always been a really big fan of the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal High Definition Concealers. I always recommend them to people looking for an affordable full coverage concealer.

Therefore I was so excited to hear that LA Girl was released some more Colour Correction shades in their range and could hardly wait to try them.

The new shades are:
  • Peach Corrector – A lighter version of the popular Orange Corrector -conceals blue/purple undertones on fair skin tones and counteracts general dullness.
  • Lavender Corrector – Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones and sallowness.
  • Light Yellow Corrector – Corrects dullness caused by blue undertones and brightens under eye circles.
  • Highlighter – A delicate, pearlescent finish that illuminates your face with a beautiful glow.

The coverage of the new concealers is amazing, just like the original HD Concealers and they are very creamy and pigmented to work with.

I particularly liked the highlighter. I applied it after completing my makeup routine and it definitely illuminated beautifully.

They are currently selling for $11.19 each so if you are new to colour correcting and/or looking for a budget friendly colour correcting choice I would definitely recommend you give these a try. 

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