All about BB Creams

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BB creams have become so popular!  Everyone's wearing it or thinking about buying it.
BB stands for "Beauty Balm" or "Blemish Balm" for those who are wondering. The BB cream
is actually a makeup product that was sold mainly in the Asian market.  It became so
popular that almost every cosmetic brand now has a BB cream.

What is a BB cream?

A BB cream is lighter than a Foundation BUT heavier than a tinted moisturizer. Its an amazing product to use on a daily basis. It feels so light-weighted yet it still provides flawless coverage without looking heavy. BB creams generally have a higher SPF to protect your skin from the sun. It also has added skincare benefits which is even better for young teens wanting to venture into makeup.

LA Girl Pro BB cream - Available in 8 Shades

I've been wearing this BB cream for the past 2 weeks and its been great!
My skin has broken out from wearing heavy foundations every day which was the reason why I decided to give this BB cream a try. I found it had enough coverage to even out my skin tone however if you have scarring or large blemishes you may need a concealer to add more coverage.  It felt really light on my skin and gave a natural glow. One thing I loved the most about this was the texture/formula ! It has a inbuilt moisturizer and primer so it glided across my skin so smooth.  If you have oily skin I would recommend using the LA Girl Pro HD Translucent loose powder to set it. 

I hope this post really helped you to learn all about BB creams. Comment down below and let us know what your favorite BB creams are??

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1 comment

  1. This BB Cream is awesome but doesn't have an SPF so I wear my sunscreen underneath