TONTOURING ? The NEW Way of Contouring using Fake Tan

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If you haven't noticed already, everyone is contouring. It has become more and more intense over the past few months. Then there was "strobing" which was all about highlighting the skin instead of contouring. Before anyone could master contouring and highlighting, a new craze had started again "Baking" (a k a  cooking) is when you apply thick concealer to highlight your face and set it with loose powder. You then leave the powder sitting for 5-10 minutes before brushing away. I then realized everything was getting a bit too crazy when "clown contouring" started. I wasn't sure if it were serious or people were just taking the piss out of contouring ha!

OK, back on track. Tontouring is a real thing and its when you contour your face using gradual fake tan. Crazy right!? I stumbled across this new craze after checking out the latest you tube videos from Wayne Goss Makeup-artist.  

I've asked Makeup with Jah (NZ Youtuber) to do a video on How to Tontouring. So us NZ girls can give it a go with products you can buy easy in store. I will re-post her video once she uploads it but until then definitely check out the How to video by Wayne Goss.

Its crazy but it actually works! It looks more natural and it stays on for a few days. You literally wake up with a natural, already contoured face. 

How to Tontouring (using Fake Tan)

How to Contour (Beginner Friendly)

How to Bake (aka baking/cooking)

How to Clown Contouring

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