ZA Cheeks Groovy Highlighter Review - June Bride

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(more photos and swatches coming soon)

You can never own too many highlighters. I've recently discovered the ZA Cheeks Groovy powder highlighter in June Bride. I don't own many drugstore highlighters so I was super excited to try this. 

The packaging is simple, black and feels quite sturdy. There's a good amount of product I would imagine this lasting me 1-2 years if I used it every day. It also comes with a little brush which I found great for applying the highlighter. It was soft and didn't feel cheap at all. If you want a even more intense highlight I would use a little brush that is more dense.

June Bride is ivory with gold shimmer. It would suit anyone with yellow and golden undertones. If you are a pale complexion it may be to yellow for your liking. For reference this highlighter has more yellow/golden pigment than MAC Soft and Gentle. Its almost similar to MAC pigment in Vanilla and NARS albatross.

The texture is very fine, smooth and buttery. It blends perfectly into the skin without looking powdery. It doesn't contain any chunky glitters which I was so happy about. 

The only con i have about June Bride is the wear time. It faded within 3-4 hours of wearing it. I haven't tried using a setting spray with it so maybe that's something I will try. 

I was so amazed at how pigmented this highlighter was! You can really adjust how much you use whether you want a natural highlight or a extreme highlight. Both are achievable with this highlighter.

Over all, this is an amazing drugstore highlighter!

Product:  8/10
Pigmentation:  10/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity:  5/10
Application:  8/10

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