Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick | Review and Swatches


Swatches on the Collection Deluxe Lipsticks. They're creamy and very smooth to apply. They're also really moisturizing, a great formula for those with dry lips OR for those who just prefer that creamy feeling. I'm loving the colours and the pigmentation as well, my favourite has to be the last nude shade. 

I wanted to mention as well, with the more bolder shades (cranberry and red) I would 110% recommend wearing them with a lip liner. Because of the formula, it has a higher chance of bleeding/shifting, which we definitely don't want to happen. 

Makeup With Jah has also done a swatch video on my  lovemylucyblog youtube channel.
Check it out! Video Link:

They are not a long wearing lipstick, but that's easy to fix! 

Just follow the steps below...

1. Fill in the entire lips with a matching lip liner
2. Dab the lipstick on
3. Grab a tissue, and blot your lips
4. Dab a little more lipstick to the centre of the lips

Even with these tips they won't last the entire day, BUT the colour would definitely last longer than if you were to wear the lipstick alone. 

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  1. Love that darker red! I'd wear it with 'No Bleeding lips' lip liner which is a clear one, love how versatile it is :)

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