Most Amazing Drugstore Concealer!!!

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Majority of Makeup-artists can do anything. Natural makeup to simply enhance features and then more glamorous/dramatic makeup to transform. We all have our favourite styles and  I love transforming faces. 

I wanted to share with you one of my Holy grail Drugstore Concealers. I carry these in my kit to every makeover or makeup job I do. I've never been ashamed to carry a drugstore product in my kit, no way! if it does an amazing job, of course I'm going to use it.

So my Holy grail Drugstore Concealer is of course the L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers. They are amazing for covering acne, scarring, redness and dark circles. Anything you can think of, this stuff is a life saver.

They have shades covering absolutely any skin tone (from porcelain to dark) These concealers are so versatile you can use them for many purposes

- Highlighting
- Covering
- Contouring
- Correcting

Not long ago L.A Girl added a few more concealer shades to their range including colour corrector's, Orange, green and yellow. I use and abuse the orange corrector the most, its a must have in your kit!

At the top of the page you would have seen a "before and after" makeover, done by my friend Jah (thanks for letting me use your photo Jah!). In the before photo you can see redness, acne scarring and a bit of discoloration under the eyes and around the chin. This was her biggest concern and insecurity, so as a makeup artist it is your job to correct it so she can feel stunning and confident.

In the "After" photo  only L.A Girl concealers were used to correct and conceal. Amazing right!? Your probably thinking, damn it must feel thick on her face. Not at all, this concealer provides instant coverage which means actually didn't have to use a lot. Only concealers were used to correct, conceal, highlight and contour (no foundation at all).

Can you imagine how happy this girl was when she saw the end result - she didn't really believe it were possible. Its the best feeling as a Makeup-artist to see your clients light up with confidence. 

I would totally recommend these concealers to everyone whether just for use at home or as a  professional Makeup-artist. Try them out for yourself! I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do. Quite a few places carrying this product but sometimes it is hard to get the more popular shades. They carry the full range complete with testers at LoveMy Makeup and Makeup Clearance Company stores which is great. Priced at only $11.20 each they are friendly on your bank balance

The shades I use the most are listed below, these best suit my clientele (European, Pacific islanders and Maori)

Light Ivory
Creamy Beige
Pure Beige
Medium Beige
Cool Tan
Beautiful Bronze  

Ideally you want to buy somewhere they can testers so you can make sure you get the right shade!


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