Nicki Minaj MTV Awards 2015 Makeup / Get The Look

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N I C K I  M I N A J ♥

Although she has the craziest personality, her makeup is usually quite simple. We all know Nicki Minaj loves her big winged liner and big lashes. This was the makeup she wore to the MTV Awards 2015.

W I N G E D  E Y E L I N E R

We all know Nicki loves her exaggerated winged eyeliner. My favourite drugstore eyeliner is the L.A Girl Gel Eyeliner in Black. I love this eyeliner for so many reasons. It's super pigmented and ultra black. It gives an instant "opaque" coverage which means you don't need to layer it. It dries to a matte finish and stays black the entire day. I've worn this eyeliner so many times and it's never smudged or transferred on me. I couldn't say if it were waterproof because I've never went swimming or walked in the rain whilst wearing it. I do get teary eyed when walking in the wind but this didn't effect the eyeliner at all. The great thing about this eyeliner is that it doesn't dry out as quickly like other liners, when you accidentally leave your lid off. Oops! I'm the worst

I've posted tutorial done by Jah on how to create winged eyeliner on my Youtube channel. You can extend the wing and make it longer to look like Nicki Minaj ;) 

B I G  L A S H E S !

Nicki Minaj always wears eyelashes, always! 
She even mentioned in an interview that she feels naked without them. Nicki is always about making her eyes look bigger, which is probably the reason why she never wears too much eye shadow. She always puts a nude liner in her waterline though which is a great trick to making your eyes look more open. For a deeper skin tone you want to use a nude/vanilla shade instead of pure white. Pure white works best on lighter complexions.

Back to Lashes! 
Nicki Minaj usually wears eyelashes that are bigger towards the ends and flare out. There is a real art form to applying false lashes - practise definitely perfect in this case. I would recommend practise applying your lashes when you have lots of time. Otherwise when you are under tight time constraints they never seems to work :) Remember take your time and relax.

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