MS. SOHO Collagen Cleanse Eye and Lip Review

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So I thought i would give the Three Lip Plump & Three Day Eye Brightener a go. They were super affordable, around 23 NZD each.  I've heard so many good reviews so I had to try it for myself.

The 3 Day Lip Plump is meant to replenish your lips with collagen, you leave it on for 20-30 minutes for 3 days.  I also get fillers in my lips and apparently this doesn't affect it in any way. 

For me it didn't give a big difference in lip size it only plumps them up a little, and last for up to a month as the collagen is seeping into your lips which is pretty cool i thought!

I left it on for 20 or so minutes and it plumped my bottom lip up more then the top lip, but i may of put this on wrong and it is only day 1

The next 2 days it has plumped my lips up a tad more then usual, so overall i did really like this product. Although it wasn't a HUGE difference, it still plumped them a little. It would be great for those who have extra thin lips and feel ridiculous over drawing your lips with lip liner.

LIP PLUMP: Replenishes your lips with collagen to leave them full, luscious and plump.

The Three Day Eye Brightener is meant to Brighten & Tighten dark circles and fine lines with collagen.

Day 1:  I left this on for 25 minutes It felt really refreshing & cooling and i woke up with no bags under my eyes or anything (I usually do.)

Day 2 & 3:  Overall this has worked quite well, and its nice to sit and relax for 30 minutes with masks under your eyes and lips (you can't talk while you have a mask on your lips ha! i tried) I would recommend this to anyone as it is quite refreshing and does take your bags & dark circles away.

EYE FIRMER: Tightens and brightens dark circles around eyes so you can stop telling people the bags under your your eyes are Chanel.  This is what they tell you on there Website :D

Overall i really enjoyed using these 2 products and I am going to re-purchase again!! It is really good to take care of your skin and what better way to do that with masks!!  They also have other products for your face which i am yet to try.

- Laura
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1 comment

  1. wow these seem awesome, thanks for the review Laura! might have to go and give them a try