Designer Brands Palette | Swatches

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I discovered Designer Brands maybe last year, then recently I came across this lip palette. I usually don't wear lipsticks like these but I was drawn to the nude shade. I really wish it came in a matte formula. I'm not a fan of overly creamy products on my lips, but I made it work! What you do is colour your entire lips with a matching lip liner. Using your finger, dab the lipstick on and then blot it with a tissue. You can use your finger to apply these or you can opt for a lip liner brush. Id recommend using a lip liner brush with the red for a precise application. You also have a secret compartment underneath with 6 eye shadows. I probably wouldn't use them but they're great for those who like simple.

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1 comment

  1. Too funny you don't like the creamy texture as I really like that.

    I think I am going to hunt down this palette as I'm in love with the hot pink swatch