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LA Girl Lipify Stylo  Lipstick & 

LA  Girl Ulimate Intense Stay Auto Lip Liner

Shown :

LA Girl Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Lip Liner 

What LA Girl says-

Define lips with long-lasting color! The extremely soft formula is smudge-proof, anti-feathering, and sets to a matte finish. Ergonomic gel grip allows comfort and ease of application in a quick twist. Dermatologist tested and free of preservatives. Available in 8 shades.
What I think-
I really like this lip liner.
 It’s easy to use and glides smoothly on the lips without any tugging or pulling. It had good pigmentation and lasted well on my lips. I agree with LA Girl that it defines your lips well and it has a great formula. It definitely makes your lipstick stay longer and can also be used to fill in your lips.
I just wish it came in more shades...  I like it that much!

LA  Girl Lipify Stylo Lipstick

What LA Girl says-

Lipify glides on rich, intense color in just one swipe. Enriched with hydrating argan oil and olive oil, the non-sticky lightweight formula moisturizes lips with a luxurious soft and shiny finish. Available in a wide range of shades. Easy to use, non-retractable tip.

What I think-

This lipstick is super velvety and is almost like a creamy liquid lip colour. It feels ultra light on your lips when applied and is definitely non-drying. It has great pigmentation and a single swipe really does give great colour pay off. The colour lasted well on my lips.

To use the lipstick you need to twist the bottom part of the packaging. Unlike usual twist mechanisms only a very little bit comes up when you twist so you may need to twist a few times. However be warned the tip is non-retractable so make sure you don’t twist up many times as you can't wind it back in!

My final opinion-

Definitely both these products are worth purchasing in my opinion...  I have since purchased a few more colours in the lipstick range and really loving this range.

They represent great value for money definitely perform as expected after reading the advertising from LA Girl :)

LA Girl Lipify Stylo Lipstick - $9.09 from LoveMy Makeup stores
LA Girl Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Lip Liner - $8.39 from LoveMy Makeup stores


REVIEW : Wet 'n Wild Gel Polish

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Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

To be honest my nails aren't in that great of shape at the moment but I've been very keen to try the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel so please excuse the lack of photos of my nails!

Part of the reason that I've been so keen to try this product is that weirdly you can't actually view the product as the bottle is black. It seems a bit strange that you need to rely on the sticker on the front of bottle for the colour. I don’t know about you but I really like to see the actual polish colour through the clear glass like most other brands. 

Being a 1 step polish you don't need a base or top coat or UV light to set the colour. Although they're calling them a "gel", it isn't really a true gel because it doesn't require a light to cure it and in my opinion NO polish can give the whole gel look without using gel!

I found the brush applied the polish well and recommend several lighter coats of polish rather than 1 thicker coat. It dries fast and initially has the look and durability of gel. However don't expect it to look and stay like a gel manicure after a week. The gloss finish fades and the polish lasted about 5-6 days before needing to be reapplied. This is still longer than regular polish so I was pretty happy and will definitely buy more colours in the range. It is pretty good value for a nail polish.

I tried 'Pale in Comparsion', a soft pink and 'Cyantific Method', a shade of blue and the sticker on the bottle was pretty representative of both colours but didn't show the exact shade. This is totally fine if you are not wanting a perfect colour match, if you are very particular with your colour selection I suggest you stick with buying polish in clear bottles.


Wet 'n Wild Cosmetics

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For those of you who are aren't familiar with this brand yet Wet 'n Wild is the #1 value brand in America!

They have been making makeup since 1979 and pride themselves on producing prestige-quality cosmetics at an affordable price. 

Now I reckon if millions of American women use and love their products they have to be pretty good...  So I was totally stoked when we received a big shipment at work and at last I could try some of their products :)

Over the last few years I watched lots of Youtube tutorials and Wet 'n Wild products feature a lot so it was always been a bit frustrating I couldn't buy them in New Zealand

I'll be posting some product review over the coming days but I'm keen to hear if you are familiar with this brand and what products you love.



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 MAC 'Heroine' vs LA Girl  'Love Triangle'

Sometimes it feels ultra depressing when it seems 'everybody else' is wearing MAC lipstick and my budget just can't stretch far enough to afford this luxury :(

Of course it is no secret that MAC has achieved the status of 'holy grail of cosmetics' and has definitely become a status symbol. Their lipsticks with their signature vanilla scent, bullet inspired case and excellent quality have become a favourite of celebrities and girls on the street alike. 

MAC are constantly working on their lipstick range and tempting us with more gorgeous shades...  However if you are keen to achieve the MAC look without blowing your budget I suggest you look towards the many dupes available. 

Dupes (in the makeup world) are a "fantastic alternative" to the original product. While I'm loving purple lipstick just now I couldn't bring myself to pay the big bucks for MAC as I'm not sure this love affair is going to last!

This winter I've been wearing the LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in the shade 'Love Triangle' as a dupe for MAC 'Heroine'...

Have you got a favourite dupe shade for a MAC lipstick?


An expensive habit...

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Loving Makeup can prove to be an expensive habit...

There is so much hype around makeup & unfortunately we are often led to believe that only high end makeup lines create great products & all quality makeup is expensive.  The big  cosmetic firms have massive advertising budgets & are tempting us to pay an arm and a leg in the vain effort to find that one cosmetic product that we just can’t live without.

The truth is that is possible to get the feel of high-end makeup without paying HUGE money & drugstore makeup was actually comparable to high end products...  Believe it or not!

Now I'm not saying all cheaper makeup products are great & that they are all comparable to the pricey designer cosmetics you so often covet from afar. But there are definitely  drugstore makeup alternatives that are absolutely awesome without costing the earth.

So over the next while I'm going to concentrate on sharing drugstore dupes that I LOVE & that I hope you will LOVE!

I hope you will share your favourite dupes in the comments section below too



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Wow...  Life has been ultra busy & I've totally neglected my blog :(

I feel so bad about not posting in so long - I hate visiting blogs & not seeing any new content yet I'm guilty of the same thing!

But don't worry I've got a whole stash of new products so I'm going to make up for lost time & do lots of new posts in the coming weeks.

Make sure you come back and visit again soon


REVIEW : Brows This Way by Rimmel

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The beautiful brow trend is here to stay...

Whether you like your brows bold, groomed or just looking natural there is a lot of pressure placed on the appearance of your brows these days!

With so many different brow products available it can be more than a little daunting when it comes to choosing the right product for your brows. The price range varies dramatically too and sometimes it is hard to know just what to purchase.

I've recently discovered the Rimmel 'Brow This Way' sculpting kit. Costing around $15.00 I was pretty keen to give it a try...
 What Rimmel say about their product...
Sculpt the perfect photo-ready, high impact brow! Long lasting formula feels lightweight and comfortable all day long, 2 easy steps – apply wax to shape & fix, then layer powder to set.
What I think about their product...

There are 3 colour choices available, blonde, mid brown & dark brown. 
Each compact contains a wax to shape, define and fix the brow and a powder to set the wax as well as double ended brow brush and a spoolie.

I found the wax was a good texture to work with and easy to apply. The consistency meant I had great control during application and could create a professional, defined brow. The colour of the wax and powder are a perfect match. The brow powder has a nice texture which isn't too overly pigmented meaning you can create a natural looking brow by using a light application if desired.

The included brush is fine and the slanted end is great for creating shape and definition with. However I personally prefer to use my own brow brush rather than the included one as I feel with a longer handled brush I have more control and can create finer more natural strokes.  But if you don't yet own a brow brush the included one will certainly be fine for creating great brows. If you decide brows are your 'thing' you can always buy a specialised brow brush later :)

For the price I think this product is great and compares favorably with some of the higher prices options available.  Definitely a product I suggest trying if you are wanting to up your brow game. 

Have you tried this product? I'm keen to hear your opinion


Review : Purederm Nose Pore Strips

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Purederm Nose Pore Strips

Is it weird that I'm excited about this product I recently tried???

Clogged pores and blackheads aren't a very nice topic to blog about but unfortunately they can be an issue for some of us.
 Thorough cleansing and good skincare habits help to minimise or even eliminate these issues but sometimes Nose Pore Strips are required...

I recently tried this brand of Pore Strips for the first time and was very pleased with the results.

PUREDERM Botanical Choice Nose Pore Strips are marketed as a one-step cleansing treatment specifically designed to unclog pores and lift away unwanted blackheads.

In each box there are 6 individually sealed strips and there are very clear, easy to follow instructions on the box. Essentially wash face, apply strip, wait till it dries and then remove. 

In the past I have had varying degrees of success with these sorts of products - strip get stucks, stings to remove, gumminess left on skin etc.

I'm very pleased to confirm that this product was super easy to use, worked well and I will certainly be using the rest of the box :)

Strip was easy to apply, dried without too much waiting, painless removal, no sticky residue and skin felt really good afterwards.

This is definitely a product I would recommend - I tried the 'original' however it comes in 5 different options and next time I'm considering buying the 'Charcoal' to see how it compares.

Anyone else keen to share their Nose Pore Strip experiences????



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FREE gift with purchase on now!

Who doesn't love a FREE gift with purchase promotion???

Currently all LoveMy Makeup stores are running a ZA Cosmetics promo....

Just buy any 2 ZA products & receive a FREE gift worth up to $23.00 <3

I've always liked the ZA range although it can be a little tricky to find it in stores. I'm not quite sure why more shops don't stock their products as they are generally great quality and good value for money.

 Usually LoveMy Makeup has a good selection of the product range although when you find a favourite item it is worth buying a couple just in case they don't have it next time you want it.  So since there is a promo running I suggest you buy anything you need so you get your FREE gift :)

I'll post a review & swatches of a few of my recent purchases over the next day or two but I did buy a few bits to take advance of the promotion

There were 3 free gifts to chose from and I went for the mascara.... I've 'stolen' a  graphic off their website to show the options available :)

Happy shopping...


PRODUCT REVIEW : LA Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick

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LA Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick

18 stunning shades
Only $11.19 each
Available now from LoveMy Makeup stores

 It is always exciting when LA Girl releases a new product so I was thrilled to get my hands on some of their new Metal Liquid Lipsticks.

Now LA Girl is one of my favourite brands as they offer on trend products at an affordable price point.

I wasn't too sure what to expect when I saw they had released this line. Maybe I was worried they were going to be that heavy metallic look that I think is horrible! However I'm pleased to advise they although they do give your lips a metallic look but not too heavy & they look really pretty on (swatches below)

They are a long lasting lip product and I really like they way last even through eating and drinking, so you aren't always needing to reapply. I felt the texture was a bit like a whipped mousse to apply,  wasn't drying on my lips and didn't feel sticky after application.

There are 18 shades available ranging from a good selection of nudes through to more funky shades like deep purple, bold orange & blue.  

Definitely a must buy product in my opinion...
My favourite shades are Smoulder & Lustrous.  

Let me know you have tried them yet & what you think - I'll keen to know!


PRODUCT REVIEW - Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan

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REVIEW - Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan

"Super Tan is designed for anyone looking to get a deep, dark, more intense tan that is streak-free, quick drying and fast developing "

I tried this product yesterday and agree with their sales pitch above... 

You just need to shake the liquid in the can and pump the applicator foamy product into your hand. The mousse was really light and applied easily on my legs, the product had a nice 'tropical' scent & unlike some other fake tanners it wasn't too stinky!

However unfortunately I didn't really like the tan result - the colour was too dark for me and when the colour developed it did have a hint of orange which didn't look natural on my skin tone ....

Now I am pretty fair and the packaging says deep, dark, more intense tan which it certainly gave me. So I'm sure this product will be a good choice for someone who isn't quite as white as me. This product just gave me a deep, dark & more intense tan I needed. 

Recommendation : suitable for people with a more olive skin tone that are looking for a deep summer tan instantly

Has anyone else tried the Model Co Super Tan Instant Self-tan ? Does anyone else want to try this product as they can have the rest of my bottle :) Just let me know...


Save or Splurge on Mascara?

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Mascara: Splurge! 

If only we all had a limitless makeup budget...
But we need to make choices on where to spend our hard earned money and I think splurging on mascara is well worth it.

Not all mascara is the same and they can create drastically different looks. Depending whether you want some length and definition, noticeable volume, or you don't have naturally black eyelashes and need colour, you will be able to find a mascara that cater to your needs. 

Although a lasting, non-irritating formula is a must, the effectiveness of the mascara is in the brush. Better quality mascaras will have brushes that maximise volume, lift, and curl.

I suggest you buy the best mascara you can afford, ask your friends for their recommendations and speak with some makeup artists about what you are wanting to achieve with your mascara.

 However remember drug store brands like Maybelline and Rimmel do make fantastic mascaras as well  :)

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