An expensive habit...

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Loving Makeup can prove to be an expensive habit...

There is so much hype around makeup & unfortunately we are often led to believe that only high end makeup lines create great products & all quality makeup is expensive.  The big  cosmetic firms have massive advertising budgets & are tempting us to pay an arm and a leg in the vain effort to find that one cosmetic product that we just can’t live without.

The truth is that is possible to get the feel of high-end makeup without paying HUGE money & drugstore makeup was actually comparable to high end products...  Believe it or not!

Now I'm not saying all cheaper makeup products are great & that they are all comparable to the pricey designer cosmetics you so often covet from afar. But there are definitely  drugstore makeup alternatives that are absolutely awesome without costing the earth.

So over the next while I'm going to concentrate on sharing drugstore dupes that I LOVE & that I hope you will LOVE!

I hope you will share your favourite dupes in the comments section below too

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