Foundation, Concealer and Powder for PALE skin

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As a pale beauty, I have forever struggled to find products that perfectly match my porcelain skin because believe it or not, but a majority of the 'lightest shades' in complexion ranges are still to dark/orange for us pale girls. But after years of trial and error, I have finally found a selection of brands that really accommodate pale skin. Brands like Illamasqua, MAC, Rimmel  and Collection 2000, are especially great for porcelain shades. So below, I've made a list of a few; foundations, concealers and powders that for me, are a pretty close match for when it comes to creating a pale base.

I'll begin with foundation, because for me, that is the hardest of all products to get a somewhat decent match..

High End:
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation #115
Very full coverage, thick consistany, foundation, This shade is very very pale, too pale almost. Best mixed with something a little darker to get a perfect match. A little goes a loooong way.

-NARS Sheer Glow, Light 2 - Mont Blanc

Light to Medium coverage. Consistancy is quite thin and gives a beautiful natural finish to the skin. Suprisingly this isn't the lightest shade in the Sheer Glow range, but for me the lightest colour was far to yellow toned.
(Note: this is the darkest shade that I've mentioned in terms of foundation, and for me, I like to mix it with other foundations because alone it is ever so slightly different to my natural skin tone).

 -Rimmel Match Perfection - Light Porcelain, or Fair Ivory
Both these shades suit my skin tone in particular, as they very very similar colours. The only difference being that Light Porcelain is pink based; and Fair Ivory is yellow based.
The consistency of this foundation for me, is very similar to NARS Sheer Glow, and gives a similar finish on the skin. Light and dewy.

-MaxFactor Xperience Weightless - Light Ivory
Light coverage, Feels very light on the skin, and doesn't look cakey (on me) at all. Colour is close to a perfect match. The texture is like a creamy-liquid. Medium consistency, and blends flawlessly. Great option of foundation for those days where you just want a quick, easy coverage. Perfect for work!

-MAC Pro Longwear NW15
Intense pigment concealer, thin consistency and a little goes a long way. Perfect for under the eyes or can even be used as an all over foundation. The NW15 shade, for me, isn't a perfect match but under the eyes I can get away with the slight discolouration as it helps to correct any under eye darkness

-Collection Lasting Perfection #1 Fair
Again, another intensely pigmented concealer. The shade is great, perfect neutral pale shade. Has an doefoot applicator which makes for easy application. The texture is a little thicker than the others mentioned, but I don't find that it creases tooooo badly. Definitely lasts throughout the day.

-NARS Radiant Creamy - Chantilly 
Perfect concealer for counteracting dark under eyes, the shade is very yellow based, so I don't tend to recommend this for blemishes on the rest of the face, the but yellow pigment is great for neutralising any dark purples/blues that can occur in the inner corner of the eye. Doefoot applicator, with a nice 'creamy' consistency

-LA Girl HD Pro Powder
Super finely milled transulcent powder. Perfect because it doesn't add any colour to the skin, and therefore doesn't alter the foundation shade applied underneath. Also leaves a flawless, non-powdery finish that lasts all day.

-MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder NW10
Great powder foundation with a nice amount of pigment. Can be used to set your foundation to give extra coverage, or worn alone as a foundation itself. Doesn't leave a cakey, or powdery finish,  The NW10 shade is perfect for pale skin. I love this as a touch up product too, and the sturdy packaging makes it great for travel

-Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Light 4-5
Perfect pale setting powder, if you're looking for a matte finish. Does add colour to the skin, but doesn't seem to change foundation or concealer shades applied underneath. Allows for an all day matte finish, that looks so silky, smooth on the skin.

But as a pale skin girl, myself, I definitely recommend you check these products out if you're on the porcelain end of the colour wheel. Majority of the products that I've mentioned are in fact ones I've repurchased on numerous occassions because I genuinely love them, not only for the shade but also the quality and the way they wear on my skin. Definite must haves!

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