Do It Yourself: Fuse Gel Enamel Starter Kit with LED Light

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F U S E / G E L  E N A M E L

I love having my nails professionally done and I'm in no way a nail expert. If I try doing my nails at home it is struggle for me, purely because I'm impatient when it comes to letting the nail polish dry. I end up banging my nails on something and ruin the polish.

Every time I get my nails done professionally I always get gel/shellac nails done as these last so much longer and don't chip at all (like a ordinary nail polish would). Gel/Shellac nail polish usually lasts up to a month sometimes even longer! But of course your own nails grow so it looks kind of funny once you start seeing your bare nail coming through at the base. 

These past few months I've been crazy busy and I've had no time at all to go get my nails re-done. It's now coming up to 2 months and they look horrible!  

As you know I work for a makeup/beauty store called LoveMy Makeup and we're always getting new and exciting things in store. A few weeks ago we received these Gel Nail Polish Starter Kits by Fuse, which comes with everything (including a LED lamp) so you can get gel nails where ever you are. You can even do your toe nails!

I was so excited when I saw these and I purchased one straight away. I had a play and its honestly amazing! I really wanted to do this review for you because I think everyone should have one of these "plus" you would save money as well.

The formula of the fuse gel enamel is a little thick, but it can still be spread evenly. 
Apply thin coats so you can assure it will dry easily under the LED light. It only takes 30 seconds to dry!

The colours have great pigment which means it would give you an opaque coverage, without having to apply many layers. I always do two layers just so its perfect, even and streak free. 

The starter kit has everything you need!

- Gel Enamel Colour
- Fuse LED Lamp
- Gel Cleanser
- Lint-free wipes
- Manicure/Cuticle Stick
- Double-sided Nail Buffer
- Instruction Manual

(photo credit: writing whimpsy)


Before you get started, plug your LED light in. It comes with a USB cord so you can plug it into your wall or your laptop/computer. It only takes 30 seconds to dry, which adds up to be 5 minutes to get all your nails done!

Step 1: Push your cuticles back with the stick
Step 2: Buff your nails with the nail buffer
Step 3: Apply the Gel Cleanser to the lint-free wipe provided and clean the nail surface
Step 4: Apply a coat of your gel enamel
Step 5: Put your nail in under the LED light and push the button on the top.
Step 6: After 30 seconds the LED light would turn off, you can now take your nail out
Step 7: You will notice a sticky feeling, you want to wipe this off using the cleanser and lint-free wipe.

That is all you need to do to get professional (at home) gel nails. Its actually that easy!

If you ever run out of the cleanser and you can't re-purchase it. You can use nail polish remover, just as long as its acetone free.

Top Coat:
In the how to video provided by the company itself (Fuse) they say you don't need to apply top coat. I personally would still apply top coat, just a normal one would be fine.

Can I apply a second coat?
I tried it and yes you can. After my first coat had dried under the LED light, I removed the sticky finish (read Step 7) I then applied a second coat and put that under the LED light for 30 seconds. It dried perfectly

How do I remove it?
You'll need Acetone, preferably 100% Acetone. Cotton balls, tin foil and a nail buffer.

Step 1: Buff the surface of the nail till the shine is removed
Step 2: Soak 1-2 cotton balls in Acetone and apply it on top of the gel enamel.
Step 3: Cut a bit of tin foil and wrap your entire nail in it. Make sure it covers the entire nail
Step 4: Wait at least 10-12 minutes, the longer the better.
Step 5: You should be able to peel the gel off, If not you may need to use a manicure/cuticle stick and try slide it under the gel enamel.

Repairing your nails after Gel:
Your natural nails may become soft, thin and the surface may look slightly peeled. This happens majority of the time whether you do your nails yourself or at a salon.

Sally Hansen have some really good repair treatments that won't break the bank. I would highly recommend investing in one. My top two recommendations is the Sally Hansen hard as nails and the Sally Hansen grow nails vitamin treatment.

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