Drug Store Makeup

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Being a woman can be expensive...
We all want to have a beautiful makeup bag filled with the most high-end products out there but unfortunately that would be REALLY expensive and we don't always have that luxury.
Thankfully there are products available that are similar to the expensive items you desire but don't cost as much! 

In America chemists are referred to as 'Drug Stores' and stock a while variety of the more inexpensive makeup brands. Often you will hear the phrase 'drug store brand' to describe makeup particularly if you watch Youtube makeup tutorials.  This just means it was chemist range product rather than from a department store or specialized makeup stockist. Consequently it didn't cost as much as a high-end product...
There are plenty of great products in the 'drug store' brands that are super similar to the high-end versions. These products are often duplicates or "dupes" for short and well worth checking out.

Currently I'm loving a Rimmel lipstick from the Kate Moss collection, #16 it cost me just over $10 and colour wise it incredibly similar to MAC 'Cut a Caper' which is a lot more expensive!  

I'm happy with my "dupe" and so is my bank account... In my opinion the colour is so similar to the MAC option but at the price of Rimmel I can buy several items rather than just 1 MAC product.

Sometimes you need to think smart and do some research before spending your hard earning money on makeup :)

Have you got any good dupe recommendations you can share with me???

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