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Her work is perfection. 

The way she does skin on her models and makeovers is just beautiful. She is queen of highlighting, I'd literally buy every highlighter she uses if I knew what they were. Once she posted on Instagram her favourite highlighter in the world, which was the happiest day of my life - until she said it was no longer available, ahhhhh! 

She is someone I'd love to hire to do my wedding makeup.


She does a lot of dramatic looks and wears off/unusual colours, which I'm obsessed with.

I would describe her makeup as "grungy" which has to be one of my favourite styles of makeup. Also her blending is just perfection! 

There's too much perfection happening, it gets a bit overwhelming haha!

Natasha Denona

She is an international renowned Makeup Artist with her own makeup line. 

A picture of makeup she had done on a model went viral (the middle picture below). Too much perfection to handle! 

She also has a youtube channel, although she doesn't upload frequently, I appreciate that she even takes the time to film anything. No doubt she is a very busy lady. I also discovered that she has a Makeup Academy, how awesome is that? I'd love to attend a class of her's if she didn't live half way across the world. 

She creates the most beautiful skin, I'm definitely planning on ordering a few products from her Makeup Line.


I'm the biggest fan of her work! 

She is well known for her "EYE" makeup tutorials and pictures. Her editing and the quality of her pictures are amazing.  

Her Instagram is the perfect place to look for Makeup Inspiration, especially for Eye makeup. She uses every colour you could think of... 


There are 2 similar accounts on Instagram, make sure you put (S) at the end of Makeup Artist. 

This is more of a "group" type of Instagram account. They re-post pictures from different Instagram Beauties and Makeup Artist across the world. I find it a great place to find makeup inspiration, and to meet new people to follow. 

I've discovered so many amazing Makeup-artist that I hadn't come across  before.

Who you do like to follow for inspiration? I want to know your favourites too....

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1 comment

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