Maybelline Nudes Palette

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The Maybelline Nudes Palette is finally here in NZ, Yay! You can find it at Farmers, Pharmacies, Kmart and The Warehouse RRP $29.99. I wish this palette had a warm matte brown eye shadow, it would've been the perfect palette (for myself). Apart from that, I know many people are going to love this palette. Its convenient, all the shades are wearable, and you have a combination of cool and warm tone shades to suit everyone and every eye colour.

I honestly want to give Maybelline a High-5 for this palette. The reason being is that they have a mixture of shimmer and matte shades. So many eyeshadow palettes are made up of glittery or metallic eye shadows, never any matte shades. So I was really pleased with this Nudes Palette.

You can create many looks with this palette. A wearable day look for work, something Glamorous for a special occasion, or you can smoke it up with the black for a seductive smokey eye look. 

It does come with a foam applicator (which I never use) and neither should you. I would recommend investing in atleast 2 quality brushes to achieve any eye makeup look.

- A Soft Blending Brush (To blend Eye-shadow into the crease)
- Flat Synthetic Brush (To pack colour on to the eye lid only)

I personally use about 3-4 brushes, how ever if you want to keep it simple for yourself. Those two brushes above would be perfect.

Swatches above were done by Beautzy Blog.

I've done a Kylie Jenner Inspired look using the Maybelline Nudes Palette. Its a very simple, wearable look. You can definitely wear it as a day look, and you can always add false eyelashes to dress it up.

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