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 Wet 'N Wild Sale!

I'm beyond excited today!! Wet 'N Wild Sale

Do you know that feeling where you just don't have the words to describe just how excited you feel?

Well that is me today!!

Wet 'N Wild has arrived at LoveMy Makeup & I've been playing around with the products all morning.....  

This hugely popular American drug store brand isn't usually available in NZ which is why I'm so excited. The American beauty gurus on youtube often rave about this brand because it is pretty inexpensive, they have a large range of products and the quality is great. I have been really keen to try their stuff for a while.

So after checking out Wet 'N Wild this morning I would highly recommend that you do too! Their products are long-lasting, the eye shadows are highly pigmented and the lipsticks go on smoothly. 

The other cool thing about Wet 'N Wild is they are a Peta-certified, cruelty-free brand and have never and will never test on animals. Although I don't exclusively buy cruelty-free product lots of my friends do so it is great I can recommend this brand to them.

Check back on my blog over the next day or two as I'll be posting swatches and my recommendations.

In the meantime if you have any Wet 'N Wild products let me know which ones and if they are a must own product!!

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