Save or Splurge : Nail Polish?

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Sometimes it is tricky to decide whether to save or splurge on a particular beauty product....

So when it comes to nail polish do you save or splurge???

My answer for Nail Polish: save! 

Just think when was the last time that you used an entire bottle of nail polish?

When you spend the extra for Chanel or YSL nail polish what you are getting is the brand name. Big brand name nail polish doesn't always mean prettier nails! 

So choose to save...  You can always find a very similar colour in a cheaper brand and I recommend you spend the money you save on a good quality glossy topcoat instead. 
A great top coat will help keep your manicure looking great and will help pull your nail look together. 

Most of us have a collection of our nail polish we no longer wear - chances are we have found something prettier, sparklier or the trend has changed so make sure your nail polish habit doesn't break the bank.

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1 comment

  1. Excellent thoughts to save nails polish nice to hear you good tips