Must Have Brushes for Eye Makeup

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I'm starting a must have "brush" series which I know a lot of you would find helpful. My favourite part of doing my makeup is eyes. I'm so fussy when it comes to eye brushes, so you can trust me to only recommend the best :) With these brushes you can create "any" eye makeup look, so here are my must have eye brushes.


Brows: To achieve your perfect brows, tools are as important as the product. You'll need an angled brush which is used for brow powders and brow cremes. Now the Spoolie brush doesn't look like much but its amazing for brushing up brow hairs and molding them into shape.

Angled Brush Recommendations: MAC 263, Anastasia's Duo brow brush and Morphe B11
Spoolie Brush Recommendations: Any


Flat Shader brush - is the perfect mid sized brush used for applying product to the mobile eye lid. You want this to be a little dense, if its too fluffy it makes it hard for the product to transfer onto the eye lid (it flies away) in other words.

I recommend: MAC 239, Morphe B83, Sedona lace 847 and Sigma E55

Pencil brush is ideal for applying product to small areas and for precise application (cut crease for example) I also love this brush for applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line and highlighting under the brow and the inner corner of the eyes.

I recommend: MAC 219, Morphe M431, Sedona lace 904 and Sigma E30

Flat "Synthetic" brush is a must have and is perfect to use with any wet/cream products.

I recommend: MAC 195, Morphe M224, Sedona lace 305 and Sigma 570

Blending Crease brushes are the most important brushes to any eye makeup look. You cannot continue living life without them! I love having two blending brushes, one tapered and one not. I also go for a slightly fluffier one and one a little smaller. 

I recommend: MAC 217 and 244 are the best, Crown brushes and Morphe M330

Liner brush - this is only a must have if you wear gel eye liner.

I recommend: Any

I hope this post helped you out a lot xxx

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  1. I also go for a slightly fluffier one and one a little smaller, Smokey Eye Makeup