Why you should do your Eyebrows and what to use

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Why are your eyebrows so important?

They simply frame the face and lift the eyes. Brows are so popular at the moment,more than ever. They can make a huge difference to the way a person looks, they add so much character and expression. I never judge ones eyebrows especially if that's how they like them, but girl leave the thin/over plucked eye brows in the 90's. 

You can find a bunch of tutorials on YouTube on how to do your eye brows. There are so many different shapes and ways to do your brows, its all about playing around to see which one best suits you. 

Eyebrow powders and Pencils are great for beginners or anyone who desires a more soft, natural defined brow.

Recommended Eyebrow Pencil: Anastasia Brow wiz and Rimmel
Recommended Eyebrow Powder: Sax Brow Kit, Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills

Clear eyebrow gel is ideal for someone who already has beautiful bushy brows but wants to groom them into shape. You can also apply it after your eyebrow powder or pencil to set it so it doesn't smudge.

Recommended Eyebrow Mascara (clear) Mac Brow set, Australis and Art Deco

Tinted eyebrow gel is amazing, it has the same purpose as the clear mascara except it has colour. I love to use this product on those (even men) who are already gifted with fabulous eyebrows. It grooms them,adds a boost of colour and makes them look fuller "naturally".

Recommended Tinted Brow Gel: Mac Brow Set, Benefit and Billion Dollar Brows.

Eyebrow creme is a gift from above, I am obsessed!  If you use less product you can still achieve a naturally defined eyebrow. How ever I'm all about that faded, statement "instagram" eyebrow (so defined, crisp and clean) like the picture below.

Recommended Eyebrow Creme: Anastasia Dip brow, Ardell Brow Pomade and Chi Chi

You've probably seen eyebrows that look not that great which has put you off wanting to do your own eye brows. Go and visit a beauty counter and ask for professional advice on how to do your eyebrows. 

I hope you found this post helpful xxx

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