Collection : Cover & Go - Foundation and Concealer Duo

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I was excited to try the 'Cover & Go' from Collection Cosmetics. This product is marketed as a Foundation & Concealer Duo. 

It is incredibly handy to have a tube of foundation with a concealer hidden in the cap along with a small mirror. The advantage is the 2 products tone well together and means I only have one product to carry rather than several in my bag!

Collection Cosmetics is a well established UK brand which is relatively new to the NZ market. However it is quickly gaining quite a following of loyal customers here because of their high quality products at inexpensive prices.

I found the texture of this foundation to be quite thick when I squeezed it out of the tube. However when I applied it to my skin it felt surprisingly lightweight and blended really well. It gives a light to medium coverage and I felt it gave my skin a beautifully natural finish. Probably best described as it made like my skin look like it was naturally flawless!

The concealer hidden in the lid matches the foundation shade and I found the concealer like the foundation gives lightish coverage. As generally my skin is blemish free I don't need to worry about needing heavy concealer coverage so it worked well to minimise some skin redness I was experiencing. 

I know some of the more expensive brands  on the market also do a foundation & concealer duo but for me it's great to have a foundation & concealer duo at a realistic price point and I am very satisfied with my purchase!
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