Max Factor Makeup Haul and Swatches

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Wow, time has gone so fast. In May LoveMy Makeup had a massive 70% off sale on all Max Factor (I had put up a post about it) So of course I picked up a few bits, I can never resist a bargain... here is what I purchased. 

1. Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation
This foundation feels so amazing. I've never used a "whipped" foundation before so I wanted to try something different. It had a medium to full coverage, with a velvety matte finish. Its literally like photo shop in a pot, so smooth!

2. Max Factor Wild Shadow Pots / Turqouise Fury and Viscous Purple 
I grabbed two shades, my most favourite being the mint green. I don't see many cosmetics brands with a mint green eyeshadow, so I felt it to be quite unique. I've had a play and I'm feeling a bit 50/50 about them. I absolutely love the colours but I feel the texture to be quite chunky. In the swatches pictured at the bottom, I layered the colours over 10 times :P

3. Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil  - Taupe
These are great for those wanting to achieve a quick and simple smokey eye! You can achieve both a day or night smokey eye, depending on the colour you buy. I was drawn to the taupe shade, it was so beautiful. Simply draw a line across the top of your eye lid then smudge it out with your finger. You can also use it just as a eye liner, I love a multi use product! My sister absolutely loves these, she is a mummy with kids and only has 5 minutes to do her makeup. 

4. Max Factor Lip Infinity
Another amazing product! They're a Liquid Formula Lipstick that dries to a Matte finish. Having that Matte finish ensures your Lipstick is going to stay put through out the day. If you don't like that dry feeling, it actually comes with a nourishing lip balm as well. I chose this soft, baby pink shade so I could pair it with my Max Factor Taupe Shadow Pencil.

5. Max Factor Master Piece Mascara - Black
The last product I purchased was this Mascara. Its a Hit or Miss with Mascaras, some I love and some just don't work for me. I usually opt for the plastic type brush, as I find they give me long, natural and separated eyelashes. 

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