HUGE Nail Polish Clearance Sale at LoveMy Makeup

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 HUGE nail polish sale

I was so excited to get into work today and find out we are having a HUGE nail polish clearance sale!  All the nail polish in store is on SALE... with up to 60% off.

Normally when I see signs that say 'up to xyz60%' I think 'sure but bet the product I REALLY want only has 5% off'. However I'm pleased to say they really mean it with almost all the nail polish in the store at 60% off. It is just a couple of special polishes that have a slightly lesser reduction. Plus there are some products that are marked even cheaper than 60% off like the nail strips for $2!

In real terms the discounts means I'm buying a bottle of OPI for $9.96 or a bottle of Essie Nail Polish for $9.18. CRAZY!

Personally I adore nail polish - I consider nail polish a fashion accessory... Now that may sound weird but I always try chose a polish that complements my clothing choice and expresses how I am feeling.

Since I buy so much nail polish it is fantastic when I can pick up bottles of quality polish on sale. I do realise there are heaps of cheap polishes available but to me it is worth spending the money in buying the bigger brands.

I think one of the main differences between cheap and more expensive nail polish is the brush. The better the brush is, the better the polish will go on your nails. This means a better finish and manicure that looks great and lasts for longer.

Often the cheap nail polish goes on thicker than the higher priced versions. This means that is trickier to get a professional looking finish and you may end up with the 'globby' look.

I'm planning on making the most of this 2 week sale... I've wanted a couple of the funkier polishes for a while now - in particular some from Sally Hansen range. I've been eyeing up colours from the 'color frenzy' 'gem crush' & 'fuzzy coat' ranges so will definitely trying some of these now they are on sale :)

Ultimately choose nail polish that works for you. If you really love it won’t matter what you spent on it!

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