My Top 3 Favourite Lipsticks!

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My Top 3 Favourite Lipsticks

#3 Australis Velour Lips in shade "Tok-i-o"

This lipstick is great, really nice pigment, drys super fast and smells quite nice (like grapes in my opinion) These are also SUPER long lasting. Although I love this line of liquid lipsticks, I do find them quite drying and hard too apply with the applicator. I would suggest using a Lip Brush. Also try not to apply too many layers, as it becomes tacky.

#2 Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade "714"

So the packaging for this product is super fun, I love it! It smells great and it is completely cruelty free and vegan (which is even better) It does seem to take a little longer than expected to dry but once it's dry its fully kiss proof & smudge proof, The pigmentation is crazy and the colour itself is like a peachy coral colour. Also I love the Applicator!

#1 Limecrime Lipstick in shade "Oh no She Didn't"

So this Lipstick in particular would have to be my favourite! The pigmentation is insane! Its like the perfect bubblegum blue and the lipstick itself smells like vanilla caramel. Its more of a "Satin" finish which I like. This product will cost you NZD $29.95 which seems fair in my opinion. Must I mention the packaging is so awesome!

- Dylan

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