Collection Cosmetics : Change of season clearance sale!

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50% off all Collection Cosmetics
One week only - starting TODAY!

We are all SUPER excited at work as we have been lucky enough to get in some Collection Cosmetics!

Usually we don't stock this brand at work but now we have some in-store and even better it is on sale for 1 week only. I can hardly believe that this affordable makeup line is even cheaper than usual.

50% OFF : Change of Season Clearance Sale 
Limited stock - get it before it's gone...
1 week only at LoveMy Makeup stores

We have been told it is clearance stock as Collection Cosmetics likes to be at the leading edge of fashion trends and they are coming out with some new ranges and shades so this stock needs to be sold. 

Buying makeup at a end of season sale definitely suits me as I like to save some money and I also tend to stockpile lots of my makeup. Unopened makeup can last for ages (topic for another post?) so if you have a favourite Collection lippie or lip cream it may be a great opportunity to stock up.

I promise I'll be quicker at getting up some swatches of my purchases this time!
Much love Lucy xxx

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