Za Change of Season Clearance Sale!

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 Za on SALE!


It seems to be sale central at work at the moment...  

It is exciting to come into work and find out there is a sale on - the boss never tells us about a sale until the morning it starts! So I rock into work, find out there is a sale and then spend most of the morning putting out sale signs while compiling a wish list of things I want in my head :)

This week there is a " BIG End of Season Clearance SALE on Za products!"

All the staff at work love Za products, me included... Za isn't such a well known brand yet but if you google it, Za is actually owned by Shiseido!!  It is only sold in 14 countries at this stage so we're definitely lucky that NZ is one of them. 

They do a Skincare & Makeup range and so far everything I have tried I LOVE! So if you haven't tried the range yet I suggest you do. The quality is awesome and not too expensive. I'm guessing they use all the awesome technology they have developed for Shiseido in the Za products?

Personally I love their cleansing oil and BB cream.

Have you tried anything from Za? I'm keen to hear your thoughts x

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1 comment

  1. I really love their two-way foundation. I found it in Auckland a couple of years ago and loved it so much (after using it once) i went back and bought 3 more. I live in Wellington and haven't found it here but I've just found it again online so i'm bulk buying it!!