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Choosing eye shadows can be difficult, especially for those who are new to eye makeup. What eye shadows suit my eye colour? Today I've decided to start with blue eyes. Now keep in mind these are not the "only" eye shadows that suit blue eyes, there are plenty more. I just wanted to share with you a few of my favourite shades to use on blue eyes, when I do makeovers. 

You can see on the left side, I have 4 eye-shadow shades. On the right hand side, I have 3 lipstick shades which I think every blue eyed girl should have.

Browns/Bronze: Are shades that suit absolutely "any" eye colour, they are definitely the safest option. On blue eyes, I love to use a bronze brown eye shadow that has gold reflects through it. This is the type of shade you can dress up for night and dress down for day wear

Blue: People are often surprised when I say you can wear blue on blue eyes. If you use a darker shade of blue this would really bring out the natural blue in your eyes. I love using a silver-blue because it makes blue eyes look brighter and angelic like.

Mahogany/Rust: The warmth of these shades would really contrast with the blue eyes. I love to use these shades for a night look, something a little more dramatic. The shade I've swatched is more of a rusty/mahogany type of colour BUT you can also go for a rusty copper. A metallic copper would really make blue eyes jump out!

Gold: A must have for blue eyes! Gold is such a contrasting colour for blue eyes, its incredible how much they pop. You can go for a yellow gold, bronze gold, or something more subtle. Its another safe option (like the browns and bronze) you can dress it up for night or dress it down for day wear. You can also combine the two together! Browns, bronze and gold shades go so well together.

Be adventurous when buying eye shadows. Browns and neutrals are always the safest option, but just remember their are so many other shades that will make your eye colour pop! 

I'll be doing more of these blog posts for green, brown and hazel eyes to! Stay tuned xx

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1 comment

  1. I have bright blue eyes, I love rust and mahogany and I'm also a huge fan of deep and medium purples.

    The gold trend is very glam and I'm loving it too, I love your Blogs :)