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Madness at work again....

 Max Factor CRAZY Sale!

One of the things I love about my job (& there are lots of things to love about being a makeup artist!) is that there is always something happening!

Makeup is such a rapidly changing industry - exciting new brands get launched, amazing new products get released and then don't even get me started on the new colour shades that come out every season...  When you are a makeup junkie it is really hard to exercise some self-control. As it is my drawers and makeup desk are overflowing!

To add to the excitement our store regularly has HUGE clearance sales...  We only get told the sale details the day before and then it is all hands on deck to get everything repriced, created new displays and generally get the shop organised! It's a whole lot of work but it's lots of fun and keeps us on our toes... Plus then I get to take advantage of the sale pricing!!

For the  next 2 weeks  all Max Factor stock is 70% off. We have run this sale before and it was hugely popular as it is such a reputable and well-known brand. Lots of us stocked up on favourite products and then chose a few new things as well - I did a blog post with swatches on while back. 

Guess it is dangerous working in a makeup store after all :)  I think my next blog post might be on 'my dream list if money wasn't an issue'  - what you do think??

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