Collection Cosmetics Bright and Glow BB Cream Review

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For the past week or so I've been really lazy with my makeup. It's that time of year where everything is just crazy and up in the air. So instead of wearing a full face like I usually do, I've spent my days wearing a maximum of 5 products. 

1. BB Cream
2. Bronzer
3. Brows
4. Mascara
5. Lipstick 

Its quick and simple but still enough to make me feel presentable. 

Now I wanted to do a quick first impressions review on the Collection " Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream". It's a new product for me, and its what I've been wearing for the past week.

It feels like I'm applying a moisturizer, which I really like. I just squeeze a small amount out and use my fingers to apply it. It doesn't provide "alot" of coverage, it more so evens out your skin tone. 

What I loved most about wearing this BB cream, is the brightening effect it gave. With life being crazy at the moment, my skin is looking sad and dull. (not enough sleep or water) The Collection BB Cream definitely gave my skin that boost of radiance. It also has a high SPF of 30, which is so important. I've met so many ladies who are now getting sun spots on their face, and they all wish they wore SPF. Its never to late to start ;)

I also wanted to mention that I'm obsessed with the packaging, its so fresh and clean. It does come in a squeeze tube, which is so convenient for travel. I'm really enjoying this BB cream, Its really given my skin the boost that it needs " Glowing from within ".

Who else is loving BB Cream at the moment? x

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1 comment

  1. I love this bb cream, i have been using it for about two weeks now and just use it with a big flat top brush to blend out my concealer and even out my skin tone :) Anya