Collection Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette | Review and Swatches

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I recently purchased this smokey eye palette by Collection Cosmetics. It's not colours I would wear in the day-time, but they're perfect for night-time. I personally love palettes, instead of individual pots/pans. Palettes are more compact and handy just to throw in your makeup bag. 

You get 8 small eye shadows and 1 cream highlight. All the shades (1) and (2) have a shimmer/metallic finish. The bottom row 3 (black) contains very fine glitters that reflect silver. The other two black shades are quite hard to describe, they have a satin-like finish (not glittery or metallic) Kind of, Imagine a Matte shade with a very faint shine top coat :-P

I know a lot of you ladies are going to love this!  If you turn the palette over, they have a How to use guide. They explain where to place the eye shadows and they also show pictures. This is so helpful for so many people, especially those new to wearing eye shadows. Such a great idea!

I really wanted to play with the eye shadows but because I had makeup on already, I had a little play on my friend Betty instead. It only took me around 2 minutes! to whip out this eye makeup look by following the guide. You can then add liner (optional) and tones of mascara. If you want to make your eyes dazzle even more, my friend Makeup With Jah recently done a video on the Collection Glitter Liners. Check it out here!

I found the eye shadows to be very pigmented with amazing colour pay off. They didn't have too much drop down which was great! I always like to put a eye shadow primer first before applying my eye shadows. If you use a eye shadow primer/base first, the eye shadows will stick better to the eye lids so they don't fade/or drop down through out the day. I would definitely recommend investing in one.

The only con I have about this palette is the eye shadow colours themselves. Their very similar to each other. I could imagine someone looking at the palette and thinking, why would I need 3 black eye shadows? I hope Collection release more of these palettes!

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