Confessions of a Makeup Artist - Part 2

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I LOVE having my makeup done!

Would you believe even though I am a fully trained makeup artist I absolutely adore having my makeup applied by someone else.

I'm not sure if why I love it so much...

Maybe it is because it is always a treat to be pampered? Maybe it's just because I just get to sit there and someone else works their magic and I come 'beautiful"? Maybe because they use products or colours on me that I wouldn't try myself and I end up loving the result?

I guess it doesn't really matter why I love having my makeup done as long as there is plenty of opportunity to experience it!

The other weekend some girlfriends and I had a special function to go to. I thought it would make it extra fun if we all had our makeup done beforehand so I negotiated, sweet talked & bribed Jah to come along and do the makeup on 6 (yes 6!) of us...  To make things easier and quicker we all did our own base so she could just concentrate on our eyes and lips.

We had such a fantastic time getting all glammed up together - lots of fun & laughter - and I think we all looked amazing. Thanks Jah!

So here's my suggestion for you...  Create an occasion to really glammed up with friends and spoil yourselves with someone else doing your makeup!

Maybe you could sweet talk a friend who is talented with makeup or negotiate rates with a mobile makeup artist. They might do you a special deal if you all apply your own foundation like we did. You never know until you ask!

For us a large part of the fun of going out was getting ready together, something not possible if you go in store to have your makeup done. There are lots of talented freelance mobile makeup artists in the market place and chances are you will be able to find one that suits your needs...

Make sure you let me know how it goes - I would love to see photos xxx

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