When to throw out old makeup / Expiry dates

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All makeup products have a shelf life even if there is no expiry date displayed on the product itself. This makes it hard for people to know when the product actually expires, so here is a chart to tell you when to toss it after "opening" it.

ProductToss it . .
MascaraEvery three months
FoundationOne year
Concealer12-18 months
Powder18 months
Blush/bronzer18 months
Cream blush12-18 months
Eye shadow18 months
Eyeliner18 months
Liquid eyelinerSix months
Lipstick/lip gloss18 months
Lip linerOne year
Nail polishOne year
Makeup spongesWash after each use, then throw away after a month.

How do you know when your makeup has gone bad?

Formula changes
Foundation separates, lip gloss is sticky and gooey, eyeliners feel like hard rock, mascara is dry and flakey. Toss it!

Funky Smell
I notice with us women, we have to smell everything we buy and touch. Makeup, food, everything. You will notice when it starts smelling different, time to toss.

When your eyes start feeling irritated and your wanting to rub or itch them constantly. Its most likely your mascara or eyeliner. 

Feels different
Makeup always feels glorious when its brand new. It applies really nicely and feels amazing. Over time air and bacteria gets into your products and can effect the performance of the product.

TIP: Always put lids on products if it has one and keep your makeup stored in a cool place. 

Products are always advancing ladies,  I've had a lot of friends still using the same makeup from years and years ago. Throw out your old makeup and update your look, you'll be amazed x

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