Jelly Sandwiches???

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What is a jelly polish?
"Jelly" refers to the finish of the nail polish.  On the nail (and even in the bottle) a jelly polish will look translucent and jelly-like, almost like you could squash it like real jelly...

Applying jelly polish?
Just apply the polish as usual although most jelly polishes are VERY sheer so you may need apply three, four or even more coats to your nails.

Why buy a jelly polish?
The sheerness of colour may make you think why bother purchasing this product - sounds like hard work... Well think of jelly polishes as being like a lip gloss while regular nail polish is like a lipstick! Different but still great :) Jelly polishes can look extremely cool on your nails plus you can create cool nail art with them like 'jelly sandwiches'.

What's a jelly sandwich?
A jelly sandwich is when you apply a layer of glitter polish in between layers of a jelly polish to create a "sandwich." This makes the glitter particles look suspended within the jelly... It looks really pretty on your nails, almost like the glitter is floating. Since jelly polish is quite sheer you can create some really cool effects by mixing up the colour combinations you use. 

Jelly polish is definitely a hot trend this summer and the sheerness will team well with your relaxed summer vibe. 

Much love 
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1 comment

  1. Was never that keen on jelly polishes, but I should try this look, sounds pretty!