LA Girl Velvet Matte Lipstick Collection

LA Girl Cosmetics recently launched their new line of matte lipsticks...

There are 26 shades in the range & the formula includes shea butter to hydrate your lips while still setting matte. I had been eagerly awaiting their arrival as I love the matte look for my lips but often find them drying.

The full range recently arrived at work so I've swatched all the colours for you and my review follows the swatches. 

The shade range is very comprehensive with a good selection of purples, pinks and nudes. Personally I'm not so keen on the black/blue/grey shades but I bet some other people will be thrilled to see these shades.

Available at LoveMy Makeup for only $9.09 each!

Swatches of the full collection

I was so excited for this collection as I love a matte finish and like a traditional lipstick rather than a liquid one. 
I always recommend you use a lip liner anyway but it is even more important with this range as the flat top makes it difficult to achieve a precise outline. 

The formula applies really nicely but depending on your colour choice take a few swipes to achieve the full depth of colour - eg. Ooh La La!
I didn't find this product drying on my lips compared with liquid lipsticks.

This lipstick does not last as long as a matte liquid lipstick but it does last well compared to other similar lipsticks.

The flat top applicator takes a bit of getting used to but it is worth it!

I love them so much! 

A major pro for me is the colour selection. LA Girl have done a great job in creating such a wide range of colours. I was so happy when I saw the selection of orange/coral shades which will be perfect for my lips this summer :)

Available at LoveMy Makeup stores or via their website

I hope you found these swatches helpful! xo

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  1. So many gorgeous colours, I wouldnt know where to start! Good thing they arent too expensive ;)

  2. I just realized that you can take the top of the cap off(the one with the shade indicator). It contains a small pot of the lipstick too.

    1. omg, I read this and ran to my bag to check mine. Yes! More lippy :)

    2. We realised this in store too but the shade indicators seems to be almost a bit glossy.
      At work we don't recommend you use this extra bit of product as it was only intended to show the colour :)